Vapor WI Tobacco Distributor

Vapor WI Tobacco Distributor 

Peregrinus Vapors International Distribution takes no responsibility for tax reporting or payments outside of the state of Wisconsin. Recipients in states other than Wisconsin are responsible for their own taxes.

Wisconsin Excise went into effect on October 1st, 2019. Some Manufacturers maybe paying the Tax, if they do not and the Disposables come through me, Peregrinus Vapors International Distribution will be filling the reports and paying the excise tax to the State of Wisconsin. If you are a Wisconsin Business and by Disposables, you will receive a second invoice which will include the excise tax amount that we will collect before shipping any product.

we will only send this invoice if you have order Disposables as there is no tax on e-liquids in bottles only Disposables are taxed in the state of Wisconsin.


As always we will do our best to keep our prices as low as possible. 

There is no additional Excise tax to anyone out of the state of Wisconsin.

Please let us know of any questions. 

*Prices do not include any state or local excise taxes unless explicitly stated.

ESTIMATED SHIPPING TIMES: Shipping times are estimated and not guaranteed.

We'd love for you to join free advocacy websites such as: to get updates and learn how you can reach out to local representatives to oppose any taxation increase on vaping supplies.