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PeregrinusVapors International Distribution is a WHOLESALE of Vaping Products made in the USA

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PeregrinusVapors International Distribution is a Veteran owned Wholesale Distribution Company with a passion for the benefits of Vaping. We are proud to be Americans and proud to offer American made products. And some imports. Our Goal is to help grow the vaping Business through quality products. I have been told I am unique in this. I deal with my retailers and manufacturers in an honest and customer service manner. Peregrinus Vapors International Distribution is a leading brand form United States. Currently the company is associated with eWorldTrade. Peregrinus Vapors International Distribution now operates globally. Get variety of products in reasonable prices from Peregrinus Vapors International Distribution all around the Globe.



 If you are a retail customer and want a product or brand on my site, get your local vape shop to check out my site and signup

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