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 PeregrinusVapors International Distribution is a Veteran owned Wholesale Distribution Company with a passion for the benefits of Vaping. We are proud to be Americans and proud to offer American made products. And some imports. Our Goal is to help grow the vaping Business through quality products. I have been told I am unique in this. I deal with my retailers and manufacturers in an honest and customer service manner. Peregrinus Vapors International Distribution is a leading brand form United States. Currently the company is associated with eWorldTrade. Peregrinus Vapors International Distribution now operates globally. Get variety of products in reasonable prices from Peregrinus Vapors International Distribution all around the Globe.

 Let me explain a little about the way I do business, I have been told I am unique in this. I deal with my retailers and manufacturers in an honest and customer service manner. I feel the best way for my business to grow and succeed is to help both the manufacturers and stores grow their businesses. To this point, I do a lot of social media to promote the stores and the brands they carry. I do pay for advertising on the web right now to do this as well. As I grow, I am able to add more advertising to further efforts for both the Retailers and Brands. I also have regular, at least bi-weekly, conversations with my customers to find out needs, how the sales of the products are doing, and even offering ideas for Marketing, Sales, and events to help them grow. I will resource products for them when the need arises. I personally hand deliver all orders to shops that are in a 50 mile range of my warehouse



 Our Goal is to help grow the vaping  Business through quality products. I will source the need of any shops to get them what they need and at the best price. I do not require minimum orders from any store, but I do offer volume discounts if they order larger quantities. I am trying to put Customer Service and personal contact back into the distribution arena, by offering the best service and pricing available.


We work directly with and hold our manufacturers to a very high standard to bring you the best products possible. We do not carry knock off products. We offer the best products we can find without a required minimum order. on most items in the store


Owner Ken smoked cigarettes for many years and through the introduction of vaping he now only vapes. He has personally seen many health benefits since quitting smoking. He is passionate for vaping and business. Let's watch our business grow together.


And we are proud Members of CASAA  And VTA