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Ranking of US states' friendliness to e-cigarette products in terms of policy restrictions, online sales and taxation


The American vaping index of the consumer choice center classifies and ranks each state in the United States according to its consumer-friendly regulatory approach to e-cigarettes. To rank each state, report researchers David Clement and ya è L ossowski created a unique weighted scoring system that analyzed other taste restrictions, taxes, and the ability to sell aerosol products online. In addition to existing regulations issued by the food and drug administration, regulations are evaluated according to their severity. States with scores between 0 and 10 scores "F", states with scores between 11 and 20 scores "C", and states with scores between 21 and 30 scores "A"


1. Taste restriction:

In addition to the federal regulations, do states have other restrictions on taste? This category is used to check whether states have enacted other taste bans in addition to federal restrictions. If a state has no other restrictions, it will get 10 points. If a state has a ban, but the ban is overturned by the court or the governor, it will get 5 points. If a state has other taste bans, it will get 0.

2. Additional taxes:

In addition to the applicable business tax, are there any additional excise taxes on e-cigarettes in the US states? This kind of inspection is whether states impose an additional consumption tax on e-cigarette products other than sales tax. These taxes include wholesale, retail, and per milliliter taxes. If a state doesn't have additional taxes, it gets 10 points. If a state does have an excise tax, it gets zero.

3. Online sales:

Do U.S. states have restrictions that prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes to adults online? This category checks whether the status allows online retail of vaping products. States that completely ban online sales will get 0 points, while states that have certain flavor restrictions on vaping products purchased online will get 5 points. For states without online vape sales restrictions, 10 points will be awarded.

>>According to the U.S. vaping index, the five most unfriendly states for e-cigarettes are: New York / California / Illinois / Massachusetts / Rhode Island, New Jersey

The above research report is from David Clement and Yaël Ossowski. I hope it will help you to develop the American market