How do you stay smoke-free for good?

How do you stay smoke-free for good?

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Months, even years after your withdrawal symptoms are gone, remaining smoke-free can still prove to be difficult. After all, you’re only human and old, habitual routines, as well as addiction, have a way of creeping up and instigating minor slip-ups. Whether you buy vape juice online and use an e-cig to satisfy your nicotine craving, chew and twirl items like popsicle sticks or straws between your hands as a distraction or you simply refrain from being around smokers, staying smoke-free is an ongoing process. But, give yourself a pat on the back because becoming smoke-free in the first place is a significant milestone and if you adhere to the following pointers, combustible cigarettes will never again fill a spot in your life’s equation.

Manage your weight

Smoking acts as an appetite suppressant, so, often when an individual quits combustibles they will gain weight by eating more than usual. One of the best ways to curve old cravings is by setting some goals for weight loss. Take into account that a healthy weight can mean something very different for everyone, like your age, height, body frame and gender all factor into what your ideal weight should be. So, when you’re setting goals for yourself, ensure that:

  • You make them reachable
  • You celebrate your small successes
  • You take things slow and steady

Weight loss will not only help reduce any desire to want to smoke, but it can also help to strengthen your muscles and improve your overall physical and mental health.

Eat healthily

Keeping your energy levels up with nutritious meals is a great way to help manage your stress levels, while also managing your weight. The best part is that since you quit smoking combustible cigarettes, your ability to taste and smell has become heightened.

So, in order to maintain a platform for healthy eating, you can start by selecting meals that you love and then adopt some healthier substitutes to make it better. You can also set eating goals, manage your portions (water intake helps with this) and simply be mindful of what you’re snacking on. What you eat has a monumental impact on your health, so, since you already quit smoking, why not also lower your cholesterol?

Try using an e-cig

If you’re someone who’s struggling to remain smoke-free, either due to physical or mental dependencies, you may want to try using an e-cig. You’re able to buy vape juice online to combine the nicotine concentration amount that you need, with a flavor that you crave, alongside a device that offers familiarity.

You may find that vaping is the most beneficial way for you to stay away from combustible cigarettes, because not only does it give you the power to lower your nicotine levels, but it also enables you to slow down the quitting process, allowing you to throw out your cigarettes for now and enjoy nicotine-containing vapor rather than the toxicity of tobacco smoke. The choice is yours.

Do you have any tips for ex-smokers who are struggling to remain smoke-free? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.